Company Profile of Sports and Ski

Sports & Ski


  • Founders of Sports & Ski entered ski business after 15 years of being ski athletes and having experience working as ski trainers.
  • Sports & Ski was established 29 years ago. Est 1989
  • First 5 years, Sports & Ski was a retailer shop for the best well known ski and snowboard companies such as Salomon, Elan, Atomic, Burton, Nitro, O’Neil, Oxbow, Chiemsee and other brand names.
  • Next step for Sports & Ski was to start representing as a distributor in Greece brands such as Rossignol, North Face, Northwave, Nidecker, Roces, Invicta and others.
  • At the end of the 1st decade of its existence, Sports & Ski was operating Rental Ski shops and Ski & Snowboard schools in the best 5 ski resorts in Greece.
  • For the last 20 years Sports & Ski was responsible for some of the best organized snow events on Greek mountains and invited famous riders from Europe for shows and exhibitions on Greek ski resorts, mostly sponsored and supported by Nescafe Company.
  • Sports & Ski is an official sponsor of athletes racing in Ski and Snowboard for the Greek National Federation Team.
  • In 2011 Sports & Ski entered the Georgian Ski Market by creating “Ski Rental Gudauri Ltd” based at the most famous Georgian Ski resort, Gudauri, in Caucasus Mountain, operating already a ski shop, rental ski and ski school at Hotel Carpe Diem in Gudauri snow resort.
  • Economic conditions have changed drastically the last years in Greece. Resuming about crises according to ski business and market in Greece, the results are that the status of distributing labels for the Greek market broke down. There are no companies that trust any whole seller and the whole sellers they don’t trust the retailers in the Greek market.
  • That’s why we believe that the only way to continue doing business in the Greek ski market is to cooperate with some of the healthiest retailers in the Greek market and proceed to direct imports from the companies.