Nordica STRIDER 130

Nordica STRIDER 130

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Nordica Ski boots Strider 130
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The Strider Pro 130 DYN brings a new level of downhill performance to the hike category. Built around an aggressive flex and a versatile 100mm last, the boot tackles the toughest terrain with confidence and grit. Its alpine hike mechanism affords a generous 46° range of motion yet when locked-out in ski mode, its spine delivers unprecedented power and precision for the ride down. For a refined fit, its lightweight shell and liner can be fully customized. And to keep feet warm and dry, it sports Primaloft insulation. Dynafit inserts deliver additional versatility while the Strider’s soles feature a unique Michelin tread for optimum traction, durability, and performance. The Strider PRO 130 DYN provides the freedom you crave and performance you can depend on.
Σκληρότητα Μπότας 130
Φάρδος Μπότας 100mm
Κατηγορίες Μπότες ΣκιAllmountain
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