Nordica The Cruise 120

Nordica The Cruise 120

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Nordica Cruise Ski Boots 120
370,00 330,00 € 11%
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When it’s time to hold nothing back, the Cruise 120 boosts your confidence and elevates your game. The boot’s wider fit enhances comfort while its streamlined, anatomical shape provides tremendous control and response. Thanks to its dual soft flap instep, the boot’s throat opens exceptionally wide, making the Cruise 120 incredibly easy to put on and take off. Its cuff can also be fine-tuned to better cradle the contours of your calf, which ensures a neutral stance that minimizes fatigue and improves balance and control. To further refine the boot’s comfort and performance, its liner and shell can readily be customized. And thanks to its Primaloft® insulation, the boot is especially warm. Drop in and never look back with the Cruise 120.
Σκληρότητα Μπότας 120
Φάρδος Μπότας 104mm
Κατηγορίες Μπότες ΣκιAllmountain
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