Nordica Enforcer 110 Flat

Nordica Enforcer 110 Flat

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Nordica Enforcer Skis 110
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How do you make a powder day even better? Spend it on the Nordica Enforcer Free 110 freeride ski. Designed to cater to soft snow, the Enforcer 110 Free is as powerful as it is playful.
To keep the ski’s weight in check while maximizing fun, it pairs a balsa wood core with carbon and two sheets of metal. This design also enhances response and dampens vibrations for an especially smooth ride.
And to blast through crud and offer additional floatation, the Enforcer 110 Free sports a high rise tip and tail rocker profile. For all mountain performance tailored to soft snow, choose the Enforcer 110 Free
Κατηγορίες ΣΚΙFreeride
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