Cairn was founded on a winter day of 1994, during a French – Swiss expedition in Nepal, facing the Dhaulagiri summit, one of the highest on earth.

 The day when we have left our city of Lyon, in France, seemed far away. But there we were: in the heart of the Himalaya chain, with this particular light giving amazing shades of blue to the snow surrounding us, and wrapping the mountains in an endless dawn. The visions and perfumes we were discovering so far from our French Alps were enchanting.

The culmination of this expedition was finally in front of us. Immensity facing ourselves. A long and hazardous journey, giving us memorable moments of life. Timeless. This mountain, this peak, our goal finally achieved, this was our own pride.

This long path was taken step by step with our guide. He was the one who led us to the achievement of our adventure, to the top of the mountain, and was the one with whom we shared this one in a lifetime adventure.

This memorable adventure left a unique mark in our lives, and on the expedition path on which we left our cairn, to mark our way.

The cairn, this pile of stones, is a landmark, a guide, it leaves a mark of the way, the mark of an adventure, and this is what we want to offer.

Our French brand CAIRN was born from this desire to inspire these willing to follow our path, to guide them in their own adventures, in these moments that are only waiting to become real, and be the memory of a lifetime. 


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